Ten Top Things You Must Know


Ten Top Things You Must Know


Have you ever had any of the following thoughts?

- What would happen to my kids if I don’t make it home after a date night?

- Who would step in and care for my children while I get better?

- Will the government take over my kids and place them in foster care?

- What happens if I do not come back at all?

- Will family members fight endlessly in court over their custody while the kids suffer the drama?

- Who will support them? How? With what money?

Are your Children Protected if Something Happens to You?

Your estate plan shall include answers to the following critical questions in the event that you pass away or experience a disability.

1. Who will take care of your kids in the short term?
(In the event of an accident, for example)
2. Who will take care of your kids in the long run?
(In case of a long term incapacity or if you pass away)
3. Will your children be raised the way you want them raised?
4. How are they going to make sure your wishes are met?

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Don’t let the Court Choose the Wrong Guardian for your Children

If you become incapacitated or pass away without any Guidance as to who and how your children shall be raised, a Judge is going to choose for you.

The courts will decide who takes custody of your kids even through they have no idea what you wanted for your kids. The court has no idea what the kids like or dislike or what they need or don’t need. The court will only look at what is legally the right choice for your children, and not what was important to you and to your family.

The courts will also decide who manages your children inheritance and what they get and don’t get while they are minors.

And . . . there will be no protection for your children when they reach the age of majority. So, at 18 your kids can receive all your money and blow it up if they so desire.

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